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Part step 1: Cognitive Infiltration of your Insights Direction

Tom Sullivan is actually becoming paraded to because an old CDI personnel, someone who took photo and “loaded” buildings which have explosive prices for demolition. However in that it films “interview” which have Richard Gage, their tale is significantly inaccurate as he contradicts himself more than and you may over again along with his actual goal (except that undermining the newest regulated demolition data of nine/11 (comparable to Steven Jones’ “thermite” saga)) is apparently to give deliberate misinformation about det cord in order to genuine Specifics supporters.

(please have a look at pursuing the a few posts first off to obtain an enthusiastic tip about CDI’s involvement with the brand new brush-upwards away from Crushed No and also the NIST safeguards-up one to used)

Sullivan and Richard Gage try without a doubt discovering a script, and you will Sullivan has tugging towards their ear canal within the an old “tell” (lying giveaway) whenever you are purposely misleading the way it is area on the detonator cable and other regions of managed demolitions.

Not only that, however, Sullivan and supplies a licenses awarded by the New york Flame Agencies and therefore invited him to cope with demolitions charge granted dos Months Prior to 911 even though he was doing work for CDI…

In fact, Sullivan provides a W2 form, out of 2001, showing the amount of money he fashioned with CDI at that moment.

Also to this day, even with most of the we now find out about Hoffman and you may Ashley becoming controlled resistance, Knowledge Advocates continue to be unwilling to address the latest glaring issues with the state tale regarding Flight 77 therefore the Pentagon

However before we dive on Tom’s scripted tell you, lets take a step back to own a moment or take a good go through the most other cognitive infiltration samples of AE911Truth that lead doing that it visible new example.